KHInsider: Kingdom Hearts Trivia: #24


Rinoa’s wings were added to the back of Leon’s jacket in order to imply that something happened in the past that would lead him to reject his original name.

Nomura personally thought that Rinoa was different from the other characters in Final Fantasy VIII and her personality…

KHInsider: Kingdom Hearts Trivia: #22


It is not news to any fans that Leonard Nimoy, know for his iconic role as Spock in the sci-fi franchise Star Trek, voices Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. It is also well known by the fandom that Mark Hamill, who is best known by his role as Luke Skywalker…

An Unsung Hero: Kingdom Hearts Trivia: #21


Final Fantasy characters were included in Kingdom Hearts to play roles that were not possible for Disney characters to play.

Leon was decided to play the role of the “guiding swordsman” who’d lead Sora in the right direction on his journey. However, if people immediately saw his original…

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