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Every now and then, someone will dig back into old booklets and magazines and discover a hidden treasure; a unique piece of artwork or comment from a staff member revealing a precious secret. These things have often been dismissed as not being worth anyone’s attention at first glance, but when you come back upon it, it’s like discovering a diamond in the rough.
Today’s trivia falls within this category, and is brought to you by forum member hemmoheikkinen, who recently flipped through his copy of the Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ Ultimania and uncovered some familiar pieces of artwork with comments by Director Tetsuya Nomura. One of these comments caught our eye, and thanks to Zephyr, you can read it below:

I’m really sorry. It was already too late by the time I noticed. I painted the colors of Riku’s clothes incorrectly. In order to show my foolishness, it will be posted as it is. For many fans, I’m really sorry.
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You’re probably wondering what exactly Nomura is referring to. When has Riku been colored wrong? And why was it such a big deal?
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The Keyblade is said to hold phenomenal power.One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it.